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schoolwear_embroided_uniformsJK Clothing have been supplying school wear in the South Tyneside area for 21 years. We supply badged school wear to 12 Primary Schools and 5 Secondary Schools and non-badged school wear for all of the other schools in the area.

We only sell top-quality school wear, mainly from Trutex who have been supplying school wear all over the UK for 30 years. We are constantly striving to offer the best value in our area and to this end we negotiate strongly with our suppliers each year to ensure the best deals possible for our customers.

For the back-to-school period in 2009 we have been able to reduce the price of our badged sweatshirts from 8.99 to 7.99 and badged cardigans from 9.99 to 8.99.
We have also been able to reduce the price of our unbadged and badged school blazers by 2.00.

Part of the reason we are able to offer such good, value-for-money prices is that we now have an in-house embroidery section and are able to badge up our goods cheaper than buying them in.

tyneside_school_wear_supplied_blazerBy embroidering some of the goods on the premises we are able to ensure continuity of supply and not having to rely on an outside embroidery source.

JK Clothing also offer an in-house alteration and repair service.

Although we can alter and repair most types of clothing, this service is particularly useful in the case of school wear, in the first instance by ensuring a good fit and then to ensure maximum wear out of the garments by repairing minor rips and tears from schoolyard skirmishes.

JK Clothing can even replace broken zips where necessary.

Call in and see us in our Jarrow shop and workshop - we will be delighted to discuss your needs.

260GSM_Crew_Neck_Sweatshirt Hooded_Sweatshirt 300GSM_Crew_Neck_Sweatshirt
300GSM_V-Neck_Sweatshirt Organic_Fairtrade_Cotton_Crew_Neck_Sweatshirt Basic_V-Neck_Sweatshirt


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